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MEET OUR pastors
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~Our Pastors, James & Lara Ramirez have been married for 38 years and continue to be happily in love with JESUS and one another! They share five children and 17 grandchildren. Their children were raised in the Lord and our Pastors stand in faith for the calling of their children and their intimacy with Jesus.

~Our Pastors both received salvation during the same altar call on September 12, 1993. Their hearts were immediately to serve in the church they received salvation until December 2018, when they received God's call to step out.

~Our Pastors experienced a season of turning away from their faith in 2006 for 4 years, but God proved His Faithfulness and Love in continuing His pursuit of their hearts. This experience has given our Pastors an even greater appreciation for His Mercy and His Grace!

In January of 2019 they answered the call of God with the support of family and friends who wanted to step out of the discontent of religious traditions

and respond to a supernatural call that #ThereIsMore! 

The passion of Living Grace Waco is to equip Believers to know who we are in Christ and inspire each other to fulfill our personal call to the world around us.

Our Pastors and leadership are purposely setting an atmosphere of expectancy by preaching and teaching faith in the finished work of Jesus!

We purposely choose to give God room to be GOD

~around us, in us and through us!

God is at work here!

​If you are looking for a church family where You can experience Acceptance in God's Grace, the Truth of His Word that spurs real growth and the moving of the Holy Spirit, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!


Feel free to

reach out to us!


Pastor James Ramirez
Pastor Lara Ramirez

Co-Senior Pastor

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