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God is Real! Just live it!

The world is looking for a genuine faith that is without hypocrisy. Sadly, oftentimes the church has been a model of what unbelievers do not want. But God has not given up on His Church or unbelievers! He is speaking in these days and so desires to show Himself real in the lives of real people who are surrendered, obedient and walk in responsibility.

Surrendered~ admitting weakness, faults and sin; laying it all at His feet; accepting His free gift of salvation and taking up His Mission.

Obedient~ hearing His voice, through His Word and allowing it to change who we are mentally, emotionally, physically and behaviorally.

Responsibility is Relationship~ we positively respond to Jesus and He provides the ability to walk out our salvation in a real and meaningful way before the world.

Leaning on Christ alone and all that He has graciously provided, we are to attract others to Christ, not detract!

Come hear more at

Living Grace Waco ~ 4800 W. Waco Dr.

Sundays 10:30am & 6pm; Thursdays 7pm

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