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Be Still & KNOW

In our goings and goings of life, we sometimes forget to sit. We find it difficult to be still, and yet the Lord declares in His Word that this is where we will experience and KNOW Him <3

I've recently read a devotion in which a parent and child went to an amusement park. The Father forewarned the child, “If you ever get separated from me, stop where you are. Wait, and I’ll find you. You’ll feel like you want to run, to take matters into your own hands. You’ll look, and look and in your panic, look some more. Your frightened little feet will carry you in every direction and you’ll become exhausted and hopeless. But don’t do that. Sit down. And wait for me to come to you."

Oh, these are the words we need to heed to the most in our busy lives... Just sit and wait. Wherever we are, we are His.

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