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Sadly "Faith over Fear" has lost its power and has become no more than a catchy phrase. However, as Believers we can take back ownership and live out this truth in the presence of the world and the enemy if we chose to! We can seize opportunities to declare in word this truth, for the Gospel must be preached and heard for those without Christ to come to His saving knowledge. We can declare it the way we live, by choosing to stand in our Faith, without wavering, confident and bold for our names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life! The days are evil and the intimidation of the enemy is real. Living in Faith means keeping our minds in line with the Truth, the devil has been defeated, Christ Reigns and we have been given a seat to reign with Him in Power, Love and with a Sound Mind! Take back what the enemy is slowly but surely attempting to steal from you, take back your courage, take back your boldness, take back your faith and let your voice and actions resonate in the atmosphere, Declare it today, out loud and boldly FAITH OVER FEAR in Jesus Name!

If you need agreement to regain this territory, reach out to us!

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