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GOD IS SPEAKING! Can you hear Him?

Church, GOD IS SPEAKING! At times like these, all mankind is looking for answers, JESUS IS THE ANSWER. We know Him and we can provide the peace, comfort and joy that we have in Jesus, if we'll hold to our faith. Everything is being shaken, even us as His People, what do we truly believe? Its okay and understandable to get a little wobbly at times, but we must run to the Word, we must shore up our faith, dig deeper and be rooted in! A form of godliness will not see us through these days, we must walk in sincerity and truth with Our God. We are in the days of a harvest!

We at Living Grace Waco are praying for You, that your Faith will stand in these days... We Believe the Bride of Christ is heading into the most Glorious days seen in this century, so take the time to prepare, rooted and ready!

If you do not know Christ as your personal Savior, Your Hope for eternal life with God and Your Peace and Anchor in this life, Please contact us, we'd love to introduce You!

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