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The news vs His Good News!

Coronavirus... Statics, fear and panic are all the words that are being repeated over and over again wherever we turn today. This is the day that we must stand strong in our faith. This is the time that others are looking for peace for their anxious and fearful hearts. We challenge you today to be a messenger of the Good News rather than a carrier of bad news.

Are you fearful, are you in distress? This is not a word to condemn you, but to shake you and remind you to stand strong in your faith.

Rather than worrying and being anxious, Jesus calls us to respond with prayer and faith in him (Matt. 6:33–34; Phil. 4:6). We need not worry ultimately because we know the One who has defeated sin and death (1Cor. 15:55–57).

Truly you are a Son and Daughter of the Most High. He has given you Jesus who stood against leprosy without fear, but touched and healed, this same Jesus lives in You! Greater is He that is in You, than he that is in the world (1John 4:4).

Get out of the news and into His Word, build up your strength today!

Faith comes by hearing and continuing to hear (Rom. 10:17).

We are in this together and our prayers are for You today!

Pastors Ramirez ~ Living Grace Waco

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